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Bimini, Bahamas

A week-long trip I lead with the Bimini Shark Lab team where we combined my passion for art, sharks and diving with conservation and shark science. We brought along a group of like-minded people to help spark their passion and love for art, science and sharks. On the trip, we were able to show people sharks for the first time and deepen people's knowledge about sharks. I was able to teach new techniques and skills to enrich people's arty imaginations and to go on to create art for change. It was a life-changing trip for many and we were able to smash our trip goals of creating more ocean art advocates for the world below the waves. It was a beautiful week filled with Sharks, rays and Bimini Magic.

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For inquiries on past, present and future work, potential collaborations, commissions and other info feel free to reach out at

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