Dive Mag sent me on assignment to explore the tropical waters of Tobago, where I photographed, illustrated and wrote about the wonders you can find there. 

Medium: Procreate and Adobe Photoshop

"Sunshine quickly turned to heavy rain, which caused the captain to shout: ‘It’s liquid sunshine, everyone!’ He proceeded to turn the music up and got everyone dancing on the boat. It seemed there was a party to be had in any situation: the perfect way to end our last diving day."

Medium: Procreate and Adobe Photoshop

"I spotted my first Lionfish of the trip gliding in between the cat tails branches reminding me of feather bowers. The Lionfish’s beautiful orange pink like wings and spines mimicking the vibrant outfits worn at carnival. It felt like all things here had rhythm - not just on land, but also underwater."

"French Angelfish whirling over the corals surface, not shy of divers and swimming right up to you, almost inviting you to join their party."

Medium: Handmade watercolour paint and Gouache 


Where day and night collide in the ocean. Inspired by turtle filled saftey stops over warm tropical blue water where sunlight hits the turtles shell leaving a radiant golden glow. The original is two paintings in one, by day she shimmers a golden glow and by night she lights up glowing in the bioluminescent ocean she glides in, inviting you into the oceans magical avatar realm.

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