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Celtic Deep

Whilst 30 nautical miles off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales a Blue wonder lies. As we wait for the Blue Sharks to come, we were surrounded by calm seas, blue skies, not a breath of wind and an ocean that morphed into a mirror. The ocean and sky became one in a shiver of blue hues, blending together into an abstract expressionist painting. The wait was finally over and out from the distance appears a small dorsal fin, piercing the water's surface like a knife. We watched as this female Blue Shark started to circle the boat in a figure of 8, each time becoming more comfortable in our presence. As I slipped into the water I was greeted by 4 beautiful large blue shark females and a baby Blue Shark. All dancing in the rich blue Celtic Deep waters below my feet. Their inquisitive nature is unlike any shark I have dived with, they seek out interaction and this allows for beautiful photos to be born.


The Blue Sharks I was diving with, in the Celtic Deep, is a part of the North Atlantic population of Blue Sharks targeted for fishing. Their meat is widely consumed across the Mediterranean and is also found in supermarkets right on our doorstep. Sometimes found in UK supermarkets and fish and chip shops but sold under different names. This leaves me with the question, ‘Are you consuming the very creature you dived with by accident?’. This Blue Shark population is suspected to be declining and is potentially vulnerable. I want my photos of the Blue Sharks in the Celtic Deep to help connect the dots between what we might be consuming and the beauty of this shark that needs our attention.

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