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Cocos Island, Costa Rica 2019


I travelled on assignment with Dive Magazine to explore the wild shark filled waters of Cocos Islands. One of my favourite creatures to share the water with here was the majestic Spotted Eagle Ray. The Spotted eagle ray above was taken on a wild dive filled with life, sharks, rays and wonder. I was towards the end of an epic dive ascending out into the blue for a safety stop. As I was staring into the dark blue abys suddenly a beautiful Spotted Eagle Ray soared overhead. Her stargazed wings in a wave-like motion as she gracefully flew into the dark depths below. Without even thinking I started to follow her, losing all track of time and depth I was mesmerized by her beauty. As I was taking this photo my dive computer started to beep at me frantically, without realising she had taken me down with her. I said my last goodbyes as I slowly started to return to my dive group above, watching her until all you could see where tiny white stars glimmering in the twilight zone below. 


This trip helped fuel my ‘200 Sharks’ project and the artwork I made for Dive Magazine are the first 4 paintings in this project. You can learn more about 200 Sharks here.


You can view my '200 Sharks' Projects here...

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