I’m incredibly excited to share one of my favourite and most magical diving spots with you in 2022: The Azores.

When I first visited Azores a few years ago it was love at first sight with the volcanic islands, dramatic black sand and rugged rocky coastline, the bluest water you will ever come across and well, the magic you can find below the waves didn’t just steal my heart but was the foundations to the magical energy found in my artwork today. It was my blue shark encounter in Azores which changed my life and my 200 Sharks project.

The marine life that can be found in Azores is mind blowing, from once in a lifetime blue shark encounters, to schools of Mobulas, to giant sting rays, baby eagle ray nurseys, humpback whales, snorkelling with pods of 100’s of dolphins and that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

The diving is world class and something you will remember for the rest of your life. I can’t wait to bring you this special place and to experience some incredible marine life encounters with me.


Join me on my first 200 sharks trip in August 2022 for a trip of a life time to Azores to see some of the best diving in the world!

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I have created these 200 Sharks diving trips to help deepen the project whilst physically bringing you along with me, hopefully inspiring others to love these incredible creatures, as much as I do.

I make art to connect people to the magic and wonder found below the waves, allowing people to gain that strong connection from the comfort of the land without getting their feet wet. But I strongly believe the ultimate connection is to experience that very magic and wonder for yourself.

So, this is where this incredible trip comes into play, a way to physically bring you into my world of inspiration and hopefully allow you to experience some of the best shark diving on the planet.

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We will be based on Pico Island and will be doing all our diving activities with the wonderful CW Azores. CW Azores is a fabulous dive centre based on Pico Island and are the official Whale watching operator in Azores. Our itinerary is packed full of wonderful activities and the order we do things will depend on weather, sightings and much more.

Whilst on this epic trip we will be going on several shark, whale, and dolphin expeditions with CW Azores where we will be able to experience the incredible Blue Shark, Mako Shark and cetaceans in the surrounding waters. Leaving for truly unforgettable encounters and memories you will never forget.

Along with expert guides, Francesca will be sharing presentations, tutorials, and advice from her experiences in the ocean with the aim of expanding your range when it comes to underwater photography.

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Francesca will be on board the trip giving presentations, lessons, and advice from her experience out in the field to help you gain more experience with underwater photography.


She will give lessons on how to turn your photography into a piece of fine art including composition, editing in lightroom and photoshop, colour theory and white balance underwater.


She will also be there as guidance on the trip making sure you get that shot and also capture once in a life time encounters to add to your own portfolio. 


Dates: 29th August - 8th September 2022 (10 Days)

Location: Pico Island, Azores

Places available: 16 spots available

Accommodation: Hotel Caravelas

Dive Center: CW Azores

Diving expeditions with: Sharks and Dolphins

Other Activities: Whale watching

Dive Certification requirements: Advance Scuba Diver with a minimum of 50 logged dives in order to go on the shark expedition and Princess Alice dives.

Workshop: Photography

Project: 200 Sharks

Aim: To capture and experience some of the best shark diving on the planet and deepen that connection to wanting to protect this incredible species.

Price: £2,195 

Cost breakdown: To secure your place on the trip, click on the link below to make your booking and pay the deposit of £650. The remainder of the payment due 90 days before the trip starts.

If you have any questions about the trip please email travel@inspiredventures.co.uk or message Francesca via Instagram who will reply over the next few days.

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