Costa Rica 2019

Bat's Island and Ostional, Guanacaste

I visited in the second half of the year during the rainy season. The highlight of my trip was the active waters around Bat Islands and the turtle filled volcanic beaches of Ostional in Guanacaste Province. On one dive at Bat Island I was lucky enough to spend over 90 minutes in the water with a massive 5meter Oceanic Pacific Manta, seen above. She played with our bubbles, flew so close to me I could see into her soul and danced over us until we ran out of air. It was a dive I will never forget. 


I was determined to see the amazing event of thousands of female Olive Ridley turtles coming up the beach to lay their eggs. We had heard that they were landing at the beach so I got up at 4:00am followed by a sleepy two hour drive. Stepping on to the beach I was hit by the mass of white egg shells dotted around the place and the sound of exhausted mothers digging, laying eggs, covering their eggs or moving slowly back to the ocean.  The look on their faces were wise but exhausted and your heart goes out to each one as they slowly dragged their tired bodies back to the ocean for a well earned rest.  Sunrise provided a warm glow over the beach illuminating the ocean mist hanging over the water.


The photos and stories captured from this trip are helping to fuel my ‘Where Two Worlds Collide’ project. You can see more about the project here.

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