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I have created these Dive art diving trips to help deepen my art projects whilst physically bringing you along with me, hopefully inspiring others to love the incredible animals and habitats found below the waves, as much as I do.

I make art to connect people to the magic and wonder found below the waves, allowing people to gain that strong connection from the comfort of the land without getting their feet wet. But I strongly believe the ultimate connection is to experience that very magic and wonder for yourself.

I have designed trips that not only allow you to experience some mind-blowing diving but also allow you to learn art and photography skills from me in very exciting workshops. Each trip has a different goal and workshop tailored to you. From photography to painting on location, it really is more than just a dive trip. 

So, this is where these incredible trips come into play, a way to physically bring you into my world of inspiration and hopefully allow you to experience some of the best diving on the planet.

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More trips launching over the coming month, keep a look out over on Francesca's social media click here!

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