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Heron Island

Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef 2019


Whilst on Heron Island I stayed at the Research Station where I was able to spend time learning and helping the scientists with their coral research. My aim for the trip was to capture the amazing life found on the reef around the island as well as educate myself more about corals for my ‘Reef Stories’ project. 


It was coming up to sunset and I wet out to get the north end of the island to try and get some baby shark and sting ray shots. As I was walking along the beach I was lucky to stumbling upon a hatching nest of baby turtles. I ran to the water with my camera to make sure I could get a shot in the shallows and then I was surrounded by baby turtles all swimming for their little life’s into the reefs behind me. A sunset I won’t forget!

Reef Stories Graphic .jpg

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