Bespoke commissions

I am always excited to take on a commission to make a bespoke painting for a client. I can take on commissions from A5 Size (5.8"x8.3") upwards. You can buy A5 and A4 bespoke custom paintings from my website HERE. Please use the form on my 'Get a Quote' page on this website to receive a quote for sizes A3 (11.7x16.5) upwards. Please note that once a commission has been agreed (subject and price) I request a deposit of 50% prior to commencing the work.

I specialise in creating luxurious watercolour paintings of wildlife interacting with their environment. Creating impactful and beautiful art transporting you into a different realm, as well as allowing you to re-live your own ocean and land adventures and fantasies. I create bold, colourful and unique watercolour paintings made from my own unique watercolour paints and pigments that glow, shimmer and are vivid in colour. Something that is unique to my work and not seen anywhere else. My work is a labour of love from start to finish and can take from 30-300 hours to complete a painting. My work isn't the traditional watercolour painting, I push boundaries within this medium creating art that is unique, bold and wild.

All of my Art is for sale and especially if you see a new painting in the works over on my Instagram please do not hesitate to jump in and ask for a quote. 'Divine Feminine', 'Luna', 'Midnight Belly Dancers' and 'The Hunt' are for sale, please contact me via my Get a Quote form for a quote.


Other work

I am also happy to take on other commission work such as contributing to magazines or journals and digital illustration work or supporting other business ventures including recording/reporting travel and diving expeditions and collaborative working with charites and other organisations.

You can order Original works below

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