Custom sticker pack of 4 stickers of your chose

High quality gloss finish vinyl stickers

Water resistant - perfect for ocean activities

Made with Love


Marine Animals Avalible:

Please select 4 from the following and provide your chosen 4 stickers in the box above:

Size dimensions (width x height):

1. Green Turtle: 8.2cm x 11.7cm

2. Gasflame Nudi: 7.2cm x 3.7cm

3. Pink Dorid Nudi: 7.6cm x 6.5cmm

4. Growned Nudi: 7.2cm x 4.7cm

5. Striped marlin: 9.6cm x 5.5cm

6. Mahi mahi: 11cm  x 5cm

7. Yellowfin tuna: 11cm x 4.9cm

8. Sailfish: 12.5cm  x 7.2cm

9. Blue ringed octopus: 9cm x 9cm

10. Giant pacific octopus: 10.3cm x 5.9cm

11. Giant cuttlefish: 10.1cm x 6.7cm

12. Flamboyant cuttlefish: 7cm x 4.7cm

13. Caribbean reef squid: 11.1cm x 4.1cm

14. Firefly squid: 11.8 x 3cm

15. Hawaiian bobtail squid: 5.9cm x 6.6cm

16. White Shark: 12.5cm x 6.6cm

17. Manta: 9cm x 9.5cm

18. Tiger Shark: 13.5cm x 5cm

SOLD OUT 19. Whale Shark: 13cm x 5.2cm

20. Scalloped Hammerhead: 12.6cm x 6cm



- Once you have placed an order for stickers I will dispatch them as soon as I can but please allow up to 1 week for the stickers to be shipped

- Sticker Packs are sent by normal letter, 1st class UK or equivalent for international

- Please allow up to  2 - 3 weeks for international orders
- When despatched you will receive a confirmation email 


Within the UK this product is shipped 1st Class and signed for. All other locations are shipped Tracked and Signed for


I look forward to your order!

Custom Sticker Pack of 4

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