Tobago 2019

Tobago 2019


I travelled to Tobago on assignment with Dive Magazine to experience diving around the island. I explored multiple dive sites in the tropical waters of Tobago where I photographed, illustrated and wrote about the wonders you can find there. I was lucky with the first few days of diving with crystal clear visibility and calm relaxing warm water. The coral landscape was a feast for the eyes with massive fan corals swaying in the current, baby krill flocking in between dancing cat tails and huge barrelling sponges looking more like craggy mountains, all sat against a rich blue background. 


Tobago’s nutrient-rich waters and abundance of plankton explain the formation of some of the massive hard corals found in the waters around the island which include the giant boulder brain coral found off Speyside. There are often French Anglefish whirling over the surface of the corals. They’re not shy of divers and swim right up to you, almost inviting you to join their party. You enter a gallery of intricate gorgonian corals and large barrel sponges where giant eels, turtles, nurse sharks and an abundance of reef fish come out to play. This is where I was lucky to spot my first nurse shark lying on the white sand with colourful fan corals dancing around her. I shouted into my reg “aw it’s adorable” to my dive buddy’s amusement, a stream of bubbles flowing from his reg as he laughed. 


My photos helped to inspired my ‘Carnival Waters’ series. You can see more about the project here.

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