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© Where two worlds collide by Francesca Page

Where Two Worlds Collide 

‘Where two worlds collide’ is a project celebrating all things that live in and around the ocean and rainforest of Costa Rica – especially focusing on the area where the two worlds meet. After spending a year exploring Costa Rica in 2019-2020, I have not only been so inspired by the magic of the place but also fascinated with all things that swim, glide, fly, climb, sore and flutter. I wanted to create a project that is a celebration of life that combines these two worlds to create a dream like realm. When exploring the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica, from the wild waters of Cocos Island to the dense Rainforest of Corcovado National Park, I feel like I am in a dream. The animals, colours, plants, sounds and smells are all so magical to me, leaving me feeling like I am walking through a real-life avatar world. Creating personal connections is vital to my creative process and I have used the power of storytelling along with visual imagery to help connect you as this viewer to this world I have fallen in love with. My paintings and imagery are all inspired by a combination of my own encounter stories and photos I have taken on my adventures. I have created a surreal world, combing creatures together that would not normally meet and creating my Costa Rica fantasies. Resulting in a visual passion for my love for the place. I hope my work result in you as the viewer forming a greater love and wonder for the biodiversity in Costa Rica, allowing you to grow that passion to want to protect it. 



Pura Vida  low 2  .jpg

© Pura Vida 2021 By Francesca Page

Mediums: Handmade by the artist UV sensitive watercolour paint, gouache and gold ink on paper (mixed media)


In partnership with The Toucan Rescue Range 

Pura Vida combined .jpg

© 'Pura Vida' close ups By Francesca Page

B E H I N D  T H E  I M A G E


Pura Vida translates into ‘Pure Life’ and is a common phrase used in Costa Rica. I wanted to create something that sum’s up Costa Rica in one painting. Creating a fantasy and dream like world, playing with vibrante colours, characters and compositions. All reference images for this painting were taken by me whilst exploring Costa Rica in 2019 and beginning of 2020. The Keel-billed Toucan featured in this painting was inspired by my visit to the Toucan Rescue Range, where I had the pleasure to meet Patrick. He is one of the oldest residences at Toucan Rescue Ranch who was illegally confiscated as a pet from someone’s home. If they’re kept as pets, it’s hard to release them back into the wild because they become desensitized to humans and have the threat of being easily trafficked again. So, Patrick is spending his days at the Toucan rescue range, San Jose. I was captivated by his inquisitive funny character and knew he was going to be the star of the show!

© Patrick, 2020 By Francesca Page

Taken at the Toucan Rescue Range, San Jose, Costa Rica

The mother turtle in 'Pura Vida' was inspired by a photo I took on an unforgettable morning on a beach in Ostional. I was extremely lucky to witness 100’s of Olive Ridley turtles come onto the wild beaches of Costa Rica to lay their eggs. It was magical and heart-breaking at the same time watching the effort and struggle these ladies put into making sure there is a next generation. My favourite part was watching them head back to the ocean. The excitement and relief from the turtles to reach the ocean again was heart warming to experience. The sunrise and sea mist on this morning was spectacular and I loved the warm colours that formed on the turtle’s shells and inspired me to include this colour palette in Pura Vida.


The iconic Blue Morpho Butterfly and red-eyed tree frog was inspired by my lucky encounters with these creatures that represent the incredible abundance and magic of life found on land. I saw Blue Morpho butterflies everywhere I went which always left magic in the air. 

I have made my own unique glow watercolour paints for this painting illustrating the magic that you can find in these worlds. This glowing paint is inspired by bioluminescence found in the rainforest as well as the Ocean. Pura Vida shines vivid in colour during the day and glow’s during the night under a UV light, mimicking the real-life wonders of nature. One of the things that first hit me when exploring both the land and the ocean is how colourful the creatures and environment is. The bright yellow of a toucan’s chest, the vivid primary colours of a Scarlet Macaw, the rainbow skies at sunset and the rich mid-night blue of an Oceanic Pacific Manta is all so captivating and has inspired the vivid colours used in this painting. 

Mother Turtle

© 'Return home' and 'Mother', 2019 By Francesca Page

Taken on the wild beaches of Ostional, Costa Rica

Pura Vida Glow two .jpg
Pura Vida Glow toucan
Pura Vida Glow Turtle

© Pura Vida glowing at night By Francesca Page

Mediums: Handmade by the artist UV sensitive watercolour paint, gouache and gold ink on paper (mixed media)

Mother hood

© Maternal Love, 2020 By Francesca Page

Mediums: Procreate and Adobe Photoshop

Inspired by a photo I took on the wild beaches of Ostional, Costa Rica


Short poem by Francesca Page

Watching the struggles of the maternal love from young to old, on this wild fiery lite sky morning was something to behold.

The ebb and flow of Mother Nature rawring at every shuffle from the mother’s flipper, gravity pulling her into the earth’s core. 

The ground like honey as she makes her way up the beach to start the circle of life once more.

So much wisdom is carried in this old mother’s eyes, leaving you to question what has she seen in her lifetime? 

The deep focused thoughts of a world traveller are written on every inch of her scratched shell.

She is that one in a thousand, that one that survived all obstacles put by nature and man. 

But the mother’s love is strong, as new life returns this old soul back to the very sands she emerged from.

For inquiries on past, present and future work, potential collaborations, commissions and other info feel free to reach out at

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