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Giant Cuttlefish Migration

In the winter months of South Australia near the town of Whyalla, these waters host one of the world’s most unique and spectacular wildlife events. From May to August each year, more than 250,000 Giant Cuttlefish migrate to the cold and rocky waters here to mate and then die.


In the 90’s these incredible animals were nearly wiped out due to overfishing. In the space of 3 weeks, 38 boats caught 270 tonnes of Giant Cuttlefish. In the years following their population dwindled to next to nothing.  But due to conservation pressures a permanent ban on fishing for Giant Cuttlefish has been put in place in this area allowing them to bounce back to healthy numbers. And now instead of fishing them, we dive with them to enjoy their beauty and wonder.

To take these photo's I lay amongst the seaweed, surrounded by hundreds of Giant Cuttlefish battling It out for the females hiding in the seaweed and under the rocks below. I watch many males eyeing each other up, their male dominance and need to mate overpowering their senses. The start of elaborate colour and shape-shifting show paired with intimidating skin displays began in front of my very eyes. Let the Fight begin!

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Whilst on assignment with Dive magazine I documented, illustrated and wrote about the most unique and spectacular wildlife event in the natural world. You can read here...  

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Battle of the Colours

Dive Magazine UK

November 2023

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