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I am always on the lookout for new projects, clients and commissions!


I am a multidisciplinary artist with a vast variety of creative skills, ranging from fine art painting to graphic design, scientific illustration, photography, creative writing and most importantly combining my love for the ocean with my passion for creating art. Please find below the work I offer, see it as a creative menu. You can pick and choose more than one for the work you want me to do. I love a challenge and if your project idea aligns with my work I would love to get the ball rolling and get talking. So drop me an email and let's jump on a call to get the creative juices flowing.

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I offer bespoke fine art watercolour paintings made by my own hand-made crafted watercolour paint, ranging from A4 up to A0. Please note the smallest size of painting I offer with a coloured background is A3. The smallest painting commission size I offer is A4 which will include a single animal on a plain white background. For any other sizes and painting compositions please contact me and we can get the ball rolling. Please note I do not paint pets, people or man-made objects and if your idea does not align with my work I have permission to decline. Creating a customised commission painting for someone to love, cherish and pass down for generations is one of the most fulfilling experiences for me as an artist. I can't wait to capture your loves, fantasies and own experiences for you to cherish forever.

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High-quality and unique scientific illustrations of marine animals. I am excited to illustrate new ID posters, books, journals and scientific papers. I also offer a licensing fee for my current scientific illustration work. You can view my portfolio here.

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Bespoke Digital illustrations for commercial, educational and personal use. I specialise in creating bold, quirky, colourful and imaginative artworks documenting anything to do with the natural world and our place within it. I offer design work for book illustrations, murals, products, t-shirts and poster designs. I also offer digital illustrations for animation assets, with my latest client being for Netflix. I have over 10 years of experience in Adobe photoshop and illustrator. And 5 years of experience with Procreate. I have worked with clients such as Pageaseed, Flora, Sea Shepherd, Seaspiracy Netflix, Waterlust, Padi, Girls that Scuba, Dive Magazine to name a few. I am always open to new and exciting concepts and ideas. 

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Unique and high-quality graphic design artwork for your brand, organisation, group or whatever your needs. I specialise in logo and branding design with experience in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.



I believe art has to power to help save this planet and communicate important environmental messages. I am always so thrilled to create artworks that convey important scientific research and conservation efforts. I work with a vast range of skills from fine art painting, to digital illustrations and graphic design, to photography and mixed media. Really excited to hear from you and create Art for change!



High-quality still photography that best showcases the natural world and will leave a lasting impression. I specialise in wildlife and underwater photography and I work with a Sony A7IV. I am always excited to undertake new photography projects, whether that is going on an assignment with a magazine, or shooting on land for a brand or organisation. I am excited to see what natural wonder you would like me to document and use my camera to paint with light where my paint brushes can’t reach. My photography as been featured with companies and magazines such as National Geographic UK, Oceanographic Magazine and Dive Magazine.

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I am always happy to take on commission work such as contributing to magazines or journals or supporting other business ventures; including recording/reporting travel and diving expeditions and collaborative working with charities and other organisations. I have written articles and gone on assignments for clients such as Dive Magazine, Oceanographic, Waterlust and Shark Guardian to name a few.



I am a passionate diver with over 15 years of diving experience. I am an Open Water scuba diving instructor and free diver that is always on the lookout for new ocean adventures. If you would like me to come dive with your company, live aboard, dive school or you are a magazine looking for me to document particular underwater locations, I am always thrilled by the opportunity. I can make tailored content creation; create reel format videos, social media posts and stories. I will make unique content with the potential to reach a large audience and more views.



I am always happy to speak at events about my passion for combining my love of art and photography with my diving adventures and spreading environmental messages. I believe art has the power to save this planet and I have dedicated my life to using my creative skills to protect it. I have spoken at various events over the years and run Art meets science workshop trips with Bimini Shark Lab where I help connect others to the ocean and teach them valuable creative skills to inspire art for change. I am always happy to share my passions with the world and hopefully inspire others to do the same.



Social posting on my social media accounts in the form of reels, carousel posts and stories. I am happy to work with brands and companies that align with my art, photography, diving and environmental ethics. I have a total reach of 48k followers on Instagram.

***Please note I do not do unpaid work or work in return for 'exposure'. I am a working professional and will only consider work that aligns with my values and work ethic ***

So let's connect, contact me here and let's see what magic can be created...

Somewhere in, on or by the ocean 

Currently travelling the world capturing important conservation stories...

Photography Inquiries:

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Thanks for submitting! Please allow up to 5 working days for me to reply. I spend a lot of my time in the ocean with limited signal, so I will get back to you as soon as I am back on land!

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***If you have any inquiries about my brand Francesca Page collections, this could be anything from my print store, swimwear, apparel, original paintings or wholesale please email:***


Clients & Partnerships

I pride myself on applying a strong ethical compass and moral guidance when looking for potential project partners. I am proud of the amazing people I have worked with in the past, and I look forward to future projects to come. Could you be my next big project?
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Recent commissions and collaborations 

You can check out my Portfolio's here:

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