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E X P L O R E  -  C A P T U R E  -  P A I N T  -  P R O T E C T 

I'm a British Artist, Photographer, Dive Professional, Explorer, Journalist and Storyteller. I have a BA Honors of Illustration at Camberwell college of the Arts, UAL and is a certified Diving Instructor.  

I specialise in creating luxurious watercolour paintings of wildlife interacting with their environment. Creating colourful, heavily detailed and almost realistic yet illustrative paintings of our natural world inspired by my own photography, experiences and especially my encounters. My art allows you to be transported into a different realm, as well as allowing you to re-live your own ocean and land adventures and fantasies. I create bold, colourful and distinctive watercolour paintings made from my own unique watercolour paints and pigments that glow, shimmer and are vivid in colour. Something that is unique to my work and not seen anywhere else. My work is a labour of love from start to finish and can take from 30-300 hours to complete a painting. My work isn't the traditional watercolour painting, I push boundaries within this medium creating art that is unique, bold and wild.


My art gives me a voice for nature, it is a conversation starter and an extension of who I am as a person. Imagery draws people in, captivates your imagination, spirt and heart that allows you to start falling in love. Art is my passion and conservation is my purpose. My mission as an Artist is to allow people to see the world from another perspective and in effect allowing you to fall in love. As when you love something you will do anything to protect it. One of those perspectives is taking the viewer into the wild and transporting you into a world you might of never experienced before. I have been obsessed with the Ocean since learning to scuba dive at 13 years old and have recently dedicated my art practice to a life project, '200 Sharks'. My mission for this project is to dive and paint 200 different types of Shark and Ray, raising awareness about this incredible and venerable species before it is too late. The more I dive and explore the more passionate and curious I become about this planet. I believe art is a universal language, a powerful tool to communicate important messages and hopefully a way to help inspire others to help protect our incredible and fragile planet.

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