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About the Artist

I am British Artist, Photographer, Dive Professional and Journalist. I have a BA Honors of Illustration at Camberwell college of the Arts, UAL and is a certified Diving Instructor. My art gives me a voice, a voice for nature. It is a conversation started and an extension of who I am as a person. Imagery draws people in, captivates your imagination, spirit and heart that in effect allows you to start falling in love. Art is my passion and conservation is my purpose, the two are inseparable. My mission as an artist is to allow people to see the world from another perspective. And that perspective is one that not many people get to experience, the ocean. As a passionate diver, who has worked in the dive industry and has 100’s of dives under my belt, I have seen and dived with the most amazing creatures. The more I dive the more passionate and curious I become about the ocean. This curiosity fuels my art, and both diving and painting go hand in hand. I specialised in watercolour and gouache paint and like to work with environmentally friendly materials. I believe art is an universal language, a powerful tool to communicate important messages and hopefully a way to help inspire others to help protect our fragile planet.

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