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C A P T U R E  -  P A I N T  -  P R O T E C T

Francesca Page is a British internationally selling Artist, published Illustrator, Award winning Photographer, writer, Dive Professional, Ocean explorer and storyteller who is on a life long mission to save the ocean one painting, photo and story at a time. She creates art from the soul, her art is found at sea and brought to life in her studio with an explosion of colour, shimmer and passion. 


I am always on the lookout for new projects, clients and commissions!


I am a multidisciplinary artist with a vast variety of creative skills, ranging from fine art painting to graphic design, scientific illustration, photography, creative writing, scuba and free diving and most importantly combining my love for the ocean with my passion for creating art. I love a challenge and if your project idea aligns with my work I would love to get the ball rolling and get talking. So drop me an email and let's jump on a call to get the creative juices flowing.

portrait with blue shark_1.jpg


I believe art has to power to help save this planet and communicate important environmental messages. I am passionate about combining my love for the natural world, diving and exploring with my creative skills: Fine art painting, Photography, Digital Illustration and creative writing.


My most passionate project which I founded in 2019 is 200 Sharks. Every 60 seconds on average 200 sharks are lost from our oceans due to human impact. My mission for the 200 sharks project is to raise awareness about this incredible and venerable species before it is too late. Collecting a library of my own stories, photographs and paintings to highlight the beauty of each individual shark I dive with and capture. I want to illustrate that sharks are not mindless killers but complex, intelligent beings who are more than just a set of jaws. You can read more about this Project in the link below.

For inquiries on past, present and future work, potential collaborations, commissions and other info feel free to reach out at


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