Francesca Page is British internationally selling Artist, Award winning Photographer, Dive Professional and storyteller who is on a life long mission to save the ocean one painting, photo and story at a time. She creates art from the soul, her art is found at sea and brought to life in her studio with an explosion of colour, shimmer and passion. 

"As well as my art being an extension of my soul and serves as a form of personal expression and therapy, it also gives me a voice for nature. It is a powerful medium to communicate my experiences out in the field and also serves as an important catalyst to connect you, the viewer, with the incredible planet I have fallen in love with. Art opens the empathy door, inviting you in to a world you may not have explored or to a place in your mind you have not investigated. Art helps to provoke feeling and passion, which I believe is the foundation to taking the first steps into anthropogenic consciousness. Once you love something you will do anything to protect it. "

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Francesca believe's it doesn't matter what age you are, you are never too young or old to own a piece of art. She hopes to bring ocean magic to all homes around the world, deepening the love and passion to wanting to protect it.

Custom Scientifics

This series of 'Custom Scientifics' is a Limited Edition of 55 originals across all sizes and is part of the Francesca Page ‘Collectables’ range of originals. This is a handmade collectable piece of art capturing your selected creatures to celebrate your and my love for the natural world.

Custom Scientifics

Custom Scientifics


Francesca focuses on producing the highest quality standard exclusive works from her current projects and adventures. Her mission is to broaden the audience of contemporary art collectors by releasing high quality, conservation focused, afordable collectible limited edition pieces of ocean magic. Whether you are adding to an existing collection or are buying your first work of art, Francesca is here for you.

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Is it your first time buying art? Francesca is here to help you choose the perfect piece for you. Add ocean magic into your home, art with soul and a mission to save our oceans. You can view her current collection of originals for sale here:


"I specialise in Watercolour and colour with over 10 years of experience and a passion for capturing the natural world with my paint brushes. My work comes from a deep feeling from within that is ignited by my love for nature and my passion of exploring and diving. It’s these intimate moments under the waves that my art is born. I have an obsession for detail, colour theory and creating energy. A piece of my soul is in each painting and it is the most fulfilling experience for me as an artist to have my work in your homes around the world. Creating magic on your walls for people to love, cherish and to pass down for generations."

Art with soul

You can order unique small commission paintings directly from this site. Francesca's work breaks traditional watercolour boundaries, she specialises in making her own unique paints that are vivid in colour, shimmer and glow. She focuses on creating work that really brings the creature's personality to life, allowing you to have your own unique slice of the ocean in your home. Francesca is a dive professional with 100's of dives under her belt and valuable experience in the water with marine life that allows her to inject ocean magic into each piece. It brings her the greatest joy painting something special for you.

Custom Mini

Custom Mini


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