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Hi, I am Francesca Page a British artist, photographer, explorer and Dive professional, specialising in storytelling through mediums such as paint, photography and writing. I create large scale highly detailed watercolour paintings of wildlife interacting with their environment based on my own encounters and adventures. I am obsessed with colour, movement, detail and pushing my medium boundaries. My paintings are made from my own unique watercolour paints and pigments that glow, shimmer and are vivid in colour. My work is a labour of love from start to finish and can take anywhere from 30-500 hours to complete a painting. My work isn't the traditional watercolour painting, I push boundaries within my medium creating art that is unique, bold and wild.


My art isn’t just an extension of my soul, it also gives me a voice for nature. Creating doesn’t just serve as a form of personal expression and therapy. It is a powerful medium to communicate my experiences out in the field, whether that’s diving into the blue or hiking into rainforests. It also serves as an important catalyst to connect you, the viewer, with the incredible planet I have fallen in love with. Art opens the empathy door, inviting you into a world you may not have explored or to a place in your mind you have not investigated. Art helps to provoke feeling and passion, which I believe is the foundation to taking the first steps into anthropogenic consciousness. 


‘Once you love something you will do anything to protect it’


In 2019 I started a lifelong project called ‘200 Sharks’. My mission for the 200 sharks project is to raise awareness about this incredible and venerable species before it is too late. Through the project I am collecting a library of my own stories, photographs and paintings to highlight the beauty of each individual shark and ray I dive with and paint. My artist motto is ‘Explore, Capture, Paint, Protect’. I am a born explorer and creating those important connections from the world around me is vital to my creative process.  Without these experiences, stories can never be formed which allow the viewer to connect with the animal or an environment. Through the project I want to illustrate that sharks are not mindless killers but complex, intelligent beings who are more than just a set of jaws. Hunting is only a small part of the sharks life, new discoveries are showing a new side to their character. They have an intricate social life, complex courtship rituals, surprising ways of bringing up their young, intelligent ways of catching their prey, extraordinary powers of navigation and symbiotic relationships with the most unique creatures, even with us. Not to mention they come in the most beautiful different shapes, colours and sizes: there is certainly much more to them that meets the eye. Through the combination of my stories, photos and artwork I hope to create a series that doesn’t just make you fall in love with sharks but makes you want to protect them and understand the value of having them swimming in our oceans. As apex predators, sharks play an important role in the ecosystem by maintaining the species below them in the food chain and serving as an indicator for ocean health. They help remove the weak and thesick as well as keeping the balance with competitors, helping to ensure species diversity. Destroying shark populations is a step towards destroying our oceans and, in turn, our life support system. So in short, no sharks means no ocean meaning no life. 


Working as an artist has brought me into contact with a wealth of different outlooks on the world and introduced me to a vast range of truly different perspectives, ideas and knowledge. Combined with my love and fascination of exploring this planet and diving every ocean possible, being able to take part in these local and global exchanges has profoundly affected the artworks that I make, driving me to create art that communicates the beauty of mother nature which I hope can touch people’s emotions around the globe.

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