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E X P L O R E  -  C A P T U R E  -  P A I N T  -  P R O T E C T 

I am a British internationally selling artist, published illustrator, award winning photographer, writer, ocean explorer, storyteller and dive professional. I create large scale watercolour and gouache paintings of wildlife interacting with their environment based on my own encounters. I am obsessed with colour, movement, detail and pushing my medium’s boundaries. Over the years of experimenting I have developed my own handmade watercolour paint that is vivid in colour by day and glows by night. Creating an interactive and magical element to my paintings. My adventures, photos and stories inspire my Projects, which aim to capture the environment I have explored or the subject I am focusing on. I have created large scale watercolour paintings and digital illustrations to help communicate the wonders of the world, allowing passion and love to be injected onto the viewer. My work has featured in Dive Magazine UK and Oceanographic Magazine, I am the winner of the travel category in the National Geographic Traveller competition 2020, I illustrated the animations for the Documentary on Netflix, Seaspiracy and have worked with some amazing organisations and brands over the years. I am a Dive Professional with work experience in the diving industry as well as over 250 dives logged. I graduated with a BA Honours in Illustration at Camberwell College of the Arts London, UAL in 2017.


My desire for adventure, storytelling and creating personal connections with my subject matter drives my work. Over the years photography has become a love and for my art an important tool to capture the world around me. Indeed, photography and painting go hand in hand for my creative practice. Whether I’m diving into the blue or exploring the magic found on land, photography is such an important tool for me to use to help capture these special and intimate moments. I believe photography and art are both powerful ways to help connect others to the natural world and, I hope, to inspire people to want to help protect it.


As well as my art being an extension of my soul and serves as a form of personal expression and therapy, it also gives me a voice for nature. It is a powerful medium to communicate my experiences out in the field and also serves as an important catalyst to connect you, the viewer, with the incredible planet I have fallen in love with. Art opens the empathy door, inviting you in to a world you may not have explored or to a place in your mind you have not investigated. Art helps to provoke feeling and passion, which I believe is the foundation to taking the first steps into anthropogenic consciousness. Once you love something you will do anything to protect it. 


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