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Where two worlds Collide

My mission for this project

‘Where two worlds collide’ is a series of artwork and stories celebrating all things that live in and around the ocean and rainforest of Costa Rica – especially focusing on the area where the two worlds meet.

After a few trips over a year exploring Costa Rica I have not only been inspired by the magic of the place but also fascinated with all things that swim, glide, fly, climb, sore and flutter. I want this series to be a celebration of life that combines these two worlds to create a dream like realm. When exploring the rich bio-diversity of Costa Rica, from the wild waters of Cocos Island to the dense Rainforest of Corcovado National Park, I feel like I am in a dream. The sea life, animals, colours, plants, sounds and smells are all so magical to me, leaving me feeling like I am moving through a real life avatar world.

Creating personal connections is vital to my creative process and I will be using my visual imagery along with the power of storytelling to help connect you, the viewer, to this world I have fallen in love with. Each of my paintings will be inspired by a combination of my experiences and photos from my adventures. The paintings will be focused on creating a surreal world, combing creatures together that would not normally meet, my Costa Rica fantasies being driven by my passion and love for the place. I hope my work will in some way provide an insight in to the natural wonder and the bio-diversity in Costa Rica, inspiring a passion to want to protect it.

For this series I will be making my own unique fluorescent glowing watercolour paints to illustrating the magic that you can find in these worlds. These paints have been inspired by the bioluminescent found in the ocean as well as the rainforest. Each original painting will show bright vivid colours during the day and glow during the night under a blacklight, mimicking the real life wonders of nature. One of the things that first hit me from exploring both the ocean and the land is how colourful the creatures and environment are. The bright yellow of a toucans chest, the vivid primary colours of a Scarlet Macaw, the rainbow colours of the sky at sunset and the rich mid-night blue of an Oceanic Pacific Manta: all so captivating and inspiring me to produce the vivid colours that will be used in this series.

For each painting I will be working together with conservation organisations within Costa Rica with the aim to help create richer and deeper connections to the creatures and environment seen in the artwork whilst raising awareness for the amazing conservation work happening within Costa Rica.

I am hoping by the end of this series I have a body of paintings that captive your imagination and make you fall in love with the creatures and environments I paint. Original artworks, giclee prints and t-shirts will be sold from this series and a percentage will go to the conservation groups I work with. A way for you to both give and enjoy meaningful art within your home.

'Where two worlds collide' tralier Video by Sergio Gonzalez

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Can’t wait to see more of the project! Good work!

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